About Us

In 2014 a unique partnership between volunteer led Fleetwood Festival of Transport, Creative People & Places project LeftCoast and Wyre Council’s Arts and Events team was formed. The idea was to programme a large-scale transport themed piece of art, into the hugely successful and well-established Tram Sunday programme.

Success during that first year, coupled with the ambition from key volunteers from Fleetwood Festival of Transport, generated the idea of SpareParts. It continued to grow, due to the continued support from LeftCoast.

Since then the project has grown in scale and reach, thanks to all those who have continued to support its development.


What we do

SpareParts is a dynamic project team of outdoor arts professionals committed to celebrating the creativity of people across the North West, through collaborative approaches to culture.

We offer Outdoor Arts programmes that excite and delight.

We do this through designing and integrating bespoke outdoor arts programmes and participation activity, designed to invigorate and transform non-arts festivals.

Originally our work was focused on Transport Festivals, though in recent years we have expanded our collaborations to include festivals that have wider themes, including Science, Technology and Family Well-Being.

Partnership work is central to everything we do. We do not run the festivals we feature at, but instead through our approach, knowledge and networks we work with festivals to:

  • enhance their vision
  • develop their offer
  • add value to their event
  • help attract new audiences
  • ensure diversity and inclusion
  • celebrate local creativity and culture

Spareparts Festival


Our Aims

Collaboration and partnership working is our DNA. It is key to how we work and is evidenced from the project’s origins right through to the project’s current structural model.

SpareParts is a project team of freelance arts professionals, managed by Fleetwood Festival of Transport’s committee. The project is supported by a steering group of wider stakeholders including LeftCoast, Wyre Council, Cheshire East Council, Oldham Council and Crewe Town Council. Quite a mix of partners including volunteer committees, local authorities, Creative People and Places Programme and paid staff, all working together to make the project a success.

Currently we collaborate with five festival partners across the North West of England, all made possible through the support and funding by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund.

We are always keen to work with more festivals and event providers so if you would like to start a conversation, please get in touch. 

Spareparts Festival



  • In 2019 an estimated 66,000 audience members attended the four festivals: 40,000 at Tram Sunday in Fleetwood; 20,000 at Sandbach Transport Festival and, 3,000 each at trAction in Crewe and Accelerate Oldham. 
  • The project continues to reach and engage people residing in deprived areas and rural communities, who may not otherwise have inclination to attend, or access to, high quality arts and cultural experiences. 
  • More than 5,050 participants actively took part in SpareParts 2019: They included over 2,500 school children and over 1,500 community members.
  • The programme has delivered a wide range of positive outcomes for these participants. They reported developing new creative skills and the confidence to use these; they have valued working as part of a team, meeting new people, developing new friendships and getting more involved in community activities. They have also been excited and inspired and they have taken pride in showcasing their work on Community Stage and in the Spare Parts parades. 
  • More than 69 artists and 37 volunteers were involved in the delivery of 2019 SpareParts. 
  • All the volunteers who provided feedback reported being inspired to get more involved in creative activities and having benefited from the opportunity to do, or experience, something new. They benefited from developing new skills, increased confidence and self- esteem
  • Artists, in 2019, report benefitting particularly from increased profile and exposure on social media platforms. They have valued the opportunity to try out new ideas and develop their practice; and, they have benefitted from the opportunity the programme has given them to make adjustments in response to audience feedback.
  • The project has also continued to have a positive impact on the towns in which the events took place. It has helped to raise ambitions and demand for high quality arts, increased community pride and improve perceptions and well-being amongst local people. 
  • It has also continued to benefit the local economies, in 2019 generating just under £3.7million in economic value across the four locations.