About SpareParts

SpareParts is the UK’s first festival of transport inspired arts and is touring the country with our programme of engaging arts performance and activities, designed to delight and excite audiences.

Created in 2014 through a unique partnership between volunteer led Fleetwood Festival of Transport, Creative People & Places project LeftCoast and Wyre Council’s Arts and Events team, the festival is now funded by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund.

Thanks to the support of Arts Council England, SpareParts went ‘on the move’ in 2017 and 2018 and toured to Sandbach Transport Festival, TrAction Crewe and of course the original Tram Sunday in Fleetwood. In 2019 we welcomed Accelerate Transport Festival in Oldham into the SpareParts family. For 2020 we are delighted to introduce another new location – the Feel Good Family Picnic in Rochdale.  

The partnership now includes Fleetwood Festival of Transport, LeftCoast, Wyre Council, Cheshire East Council, Sandbach Transport Festival, Crewe Town Council and Oldham Council, and new partners will join us in the coming years. We’re also supported by a range of businesses and funders in each location.

More than just a chance for audiences to see fantastical arts performances, we also engage with the people who live in the places we visit, giving the opportunity for people to participate in workshops, appear in our SpareParts Arts Parades and volunteer their time to make the festival happen.

SpareParts is created in partnership and funded by the organisations below: