by The Wheelabouts

Amassing her army of Celts, Boudicca’s chariot and horse tear across the countryside looking for Romans to pick on and ‘punish’!

With puppetry, props and performance, Boudicca will be an exciting gallop with audience participation and plenty of comic improvisation!

Boudicca was head of the Celtic Iceni tribe during the Roman occupation of England. The image we hold of her is of a vengeful warrior, bent on seeking out and punishing all Romans!

Boudicca will be rampaging through the country aboard a stunning Chariot led by a galloping mechanical horse, accompanied by a raucous soundtrack. On board will be an arsenal of comedy props and weapons, to equip her followers and mete out her ‘justice’.

Watch out Romans…! 

“The Wheelabouts create bespoke performance pieces built around wheelchairs. With a wealth of outdoor arts experience as performers and makers, they feel that being a wheelchair user should not inhibit creativity or performance opportunities. Taking the traditional idea of the street ‘Walkabout’, they have adapted this into…
‘The Wheelabout’!
Commissioned last year by Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium for performances in wales, we are now excited to be reaching further afield to festivals such as SpareParts.”





12pm – Parade
1.30pm & 3pm – Market Place (Rhode Island)