The Hurly Burly
by Rag and Bone

The Hurly Burly is a mobile sound sculpture, sonic amusement, twittering machine and junkyard delirium; packed with a tumultuous array of bells, sirens, alarms, whistles and mechanical percussion.

Combined with a live musician & performer the Hurly Burly creates a world of rusty waltzes, fog horn funk and wasteland folk dance. 

A mobile Island of Noise, it travels on a rag tag procession through audiences, stopping to perform scrapyard symphonies and scavenger songs. 

“This is a beautiful artistic carousel, that celebrates nature and encourages children to look around them with fresh eyes. Audiences visited time and time again as they were enchanted by the woodland animals and the characters that animated the experience….this it everything that outdoor arts for young children should be”

- Appearances -



12pm – Parade
1.30pm – Parliament Square
2.20pm – Gallery Oldham