Trixie and Tilly go Cycling
by Axial Dance

A trip around the world starts with just one stroke of the pedal… 

Wonderful for all ages, Trixie and Tilly love all things vintage and a jolly good adventure as they dance and navigate their way across the landscape on bicycles. 

They may just need your help to find their way!

Trixie and Tilly Go Cycling is a strolling piece of interactive dance theatre, incorporating vintage bicycles, inventive choreography, maps, picnic blankets, a bit of food and an upbeat sound track.

“We are looking forward to a section of the show involving the community, in the form of a bikeleidh – a bicycle themed ceiledh. We are also looking forward to being part of the Spareparts parade in Oldham.”



Sandbach Park & The Commons
11am to 3pm


12pm – Parade
1.15pm – Parish Church Gardens
2.30pm – Gallery Oldham