Crewe Artists / Participants

Mel Daniels - Journeys Crewe

Mel Daniels – designed the creative writing family art pack

Mel Daniels lives in West Yorkshire and is a freelance writer, artist, performer and arts education consultant.

She is one third of “Eye of Newt Theatre Arts” and is currently touring their latest street theatre piece “The Cabinet of Curiosity”.

When she is not writing, making or performing she can be found on her allotment or walking in the beautiful countryside around her home.


Insta: @eyeofnewttheatrearts

Mel Selstrom - Journeys Crewe

Mel Selstrom – designed the visual arts family art pack

Melanie Selstrom AKA Paintings for Oakley is a watercolour and pen artist based in Cheshire. She creates bespoke art for family homes, including houses, pets and venues, but also undertakes freelance design work for companies such as The Beeswax Wrap Company.

Her work is often delicate, detailed and punctuated with foliage, insects and animals. By day she works in Stoke-on-Trent’s vibrant ceramic sector. 

Participants of Young Visual Artists Programme:


Lilly Kavanagh

I am a young emerging artist hoping to go into either character design for film, or storyboarding. I have always been interested in the darker aspects of life and the unrealistic themes of both horror and children’s films – I take inspiration from both. I am also deeply inspired by creators such as Tim Burton and adore the eerie feel to his works. I hope my coloured art will shock people, or make them wonder who is behind it at least.


Emily Roberts

My name’s Milly and I’ve been exposed to art since a very young age. Growing up, I’ve been shown and taught different mediums and techniques to the point where I’ve developed my own style, and I’m always happy to continue to learn new things. I wouldn’t be at the point I am now without the endless support and motivation from my family, which I am forever grateful for.


Leah Hardy

I got into art in GCSE years, and there sprung the relationship with me and artwork. Like music and playing/singing, it really let me express how I felt and how things/people made me feel and they both clashed, artwork and music. This programme has given me so many opportunities to express myself and let my imagination run free!! And a big thank you to my Grandad, as if it wasn’t for music education I wouldn’t have the outlook on the world and art pieces I have today.