Elly Oldman

Infinite Drawing

It all started back in the Spring of 2017 with a crazy idea from the young French illustrator Elly Oldman: stuck in her bed following an accident, she embarked on the creation on Instagram of an endless drawing: @theinfinitedrawing.

She deploys in it all her creativity and her overflowing imagination in her very personal graphic style. 200 Instagram posts, 15 meters of drawing and 18,000 followers later, she now works with Electroni[k] on the creation of a giant and evolving interactive fresco, mixing drawing and augmented reality.

The whole exhibition project – called “The Great History of the Infinite  Drawing”, is displayed both on a wall and on the ground like a giant puzzle. Elly Oldman tells us an incredible wacky fable with an ecological and environmental background.

Supported and produced by Electroni[k], in co-production with Le Cube, Center for digital creation, Stereolux and with the support or Artefacto.


The 12-m2 wall fresco shows a real graphic jungle, made up of hundreds of elements, characters, details and hidden references that invite the viewer to an infinite contemplative exploration.

A version of this installation is mirrored on the ground, made up of thirty lino panels, that the public can easily grab to do like a giant puzzle and take it apart again and try to recreate the initial form of the Infinite Drawing shown on Instagram!

If you just spend a little time, the fresco also becomes the media of a surprising audiovisual investigation. The public sets out looking for treasures that are revealed via an augmented reality tool!

Thanks to a tablet, coloured animations come up like a multitude of fantastic and poetic sequences, conveying a symbolic message to the visitor. This message, between the lines, is one that encourages
each of us to take note of their role and ability to act when faced with the urgency of the ecological and environmental crisis.


Although the artist supports this view through her imaginary universe there’s nothing preachy in her approach! On the contrary she invites adults and children to become aware that no action is small and that everyone, at their own level, can make an effort to respect the planet, by considering how they can manage their rubbish, reduce their environmental impact and relationship with other people.

As such The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing is a reflection of our world, the metaphor of a story that’s written now and one which, through discovering a whole fun, graphic and symbolic universe, illustrates through a children’s tale the way in which the choices of societies have an impact on an entire world, where everyone can still act!