Taking Flight

Movema have been creating commissioned works for outdoor spaces for 10 years. We specialise in highly engaging, joyful work which conveys a strong message of unity. Our directors and dancers have trained and performed around the world.

We bring modern and traditional world dance styles together with cutting edge theatre practices to create performance work featuring professional and community performers of all ages and backgrounds.
Movema (est. 2009) is an award-winning, BAME led world dance company run by 4 female artists from diverse cultural backgrounds (Chinese, Malaysian, Caribbean, Irish & British), based & working in the most deprived postcodes in Liverpool & Bristol.

We celebrate diversity through dance, creating safe spaces for different communities to come together and learn about each other and creating high quality arts & culture experiences, including choreographed shows, parades, outdoor events & festival performances.


Based on the ‘Fenghuang’ a mythical creature from China and stealth bomber aircraft.

Liver Bird

Based on the mythical Liverbird which looks out over Liverpool and across the seas to Ireland and beyond and fighter jet airplanes.


Inspired by the Peacock, the national symbol of India and early aviation and propeller-based aircraft..

Sankofa Bird

Based on the Sankofa bird of traditional Ghanaian Adrinka symbols and vintage passenger aircraft.


designed and created by The Lantern Company 

The Lantern Company have grown a reputation over the last 10 years for creating unusual work of an excellent artistic quality. We have a wealth of experience in producing and directing arts festivals, one-off site specific events, carnival parades and visual theatre. We also undertake sculptural commissions and create processional kinetic floats, costumes and large-scale puppets.

Our core artistic team have specialist skills and in-depth knowledge and experience in these fields, and we constantly seek new and inventive ways to animate and illuminate our work, frequently collaborating with artists and organisations from different disciplines, which lends a vitality to all our work.

Partners (commissioners & funding)

Arts Council England
Dance Consortia North West
Cheshire Dance
Now Northwich
Spare Parts Festival

Creative Team

Artistic Director – Maria Malone
Choreography – Penny Caffrey
Performers – Pei Tong, Ithalia Forel, Sheetal Maru, Hannah Ballard