Pandoras Boombox - DMPC

Dope Male Performance Co. is a Crewe based, professional hip – hop influenced performance group founded by choreographer Jack Robinson in 2012. Company highlights to date including site – based Olympic Torch Performances, National UDance platforms, Big Up North Dance Theatre Festival & NOW Northwich. 

DMPC offer classes for boys from ages 8 to young adults & with opportunities for national performances & progression routes into the professional company, this emerging dance company is rapidly gaining recognition right across the UK.

Pandora’s Boombox
DMPC present their first breakthrough piece of Hip Hop Theatre!

The story of Pandora’s box as you’ve never seen before! Join Zeus & the other Greek Gods at Club Olympus as they set Pandora on his way to earth full of wonder and curiosity, the only thing standing in the way is a wonderful gift bestowed upon him by Zeus, a Boombox full of forbidden music.

Commissioned by Cheshire Dance & Now Northwich, Funded by Arts Council England & supported by Crewe Lyceum Theatre