Sit, Stop - Sally Hogarth

As we begin to live in a manner that is increasingly alienated from the natural world, research has shown that this disconnection has a negative impact not only on our mental health but our wellbeing too. Further more to this, on a social level, it promotes an exploitative, objectifying relationship with nature that fuels it’s ongoing destruction.

With an aim to address both of these concerns, the concept of ‘Sit, Stop.’ encourages visitors to mindfully reconnect with nature through simple observation. The piece will also invite the visitor to contemplate how engaging and promoting this small act can have wider ramifications for how we function as a society and the influence on all spheres of our lives from lifestyles and resources use, to buildings and business.

Connecting with local environmental activism, plastic collected by community beach combing groups was recycled to create sheet material used in the construction of undulating roofs that echo the form of a bird in flight.