Compact Disco

Compact Disco

Image Credit: The Mancorialist

COMPACT DISCO brings the joy of the party to your doorstep – a travelling discotheque with a personalised playlist, performers and all the hype of a wedding DJ.

COMPACT DISCO will bring lighthearted fun to the streets with an oversized mobile dynamic disco ball created from discarded CDs, complete with disco lights projecting from all angles.

Residents will be invited to request songs for the playlist for their street as well as ‘shout outs’. Each street will have a bespoke jingle made to accompany the disco. The disco will truly ‘belong’ to each street and the songs played will hold resonance and meaning for each community.

The disco acts as a catalyst for relaxation and joyful celebration whilst retaining a sense of glorious innocent nostalgia for the traditional disco in all guises.