Peddlers Pack

The Peddlars

Peddlers Pack: so many things you never saw before

These five engaging hucksters have been hawking the fringes and byways this summer: conducting their commerce, making connections, interactions and unforgettable transactions; the like of which you could not ever have imagined possible. Come and find them before they find you!

Traditionally Peddlers were people who travelled about the countryside selling wares or services. They were often immigrants, outcasts or people on the margins of society. They would offer novelty items, hand-made produce or mending and repair services, often to people who were inaccessible or not able to travel into villages and towns easily.

‘Peddlers Pack: so many things you never saw before’ is a perambulating outdoor show devised by Jessica Rost, initially presented as part of MK Festival Fringe and Bedlam Fair, Bath. It involves five characters, who ride five fantastical cycle-driven contraptions, incorporating a specially created soundscape by sound artist Stuart Moore. Each peddler has something extraordinary to offer and although these peddlers are very much of present day and place, they will have a definite other worldliness about them.