Wildflower by Curious Arts

Image credit: Michael McGuire

Wildflower is an outdoor pop-up performance produced by Newcastle based LGBTQIA+ Arts Producers, Curious Arts. Performed by two dance artists, Wildflower takes audiences on an emotional journey of companionship, self expression and acceptance, exploring what it truly means to be a Wildflower. Being your authentic self, wherever your place in the world and sometimes under the
harshest conditions.

Riding their large flower adorned trike through public spaces, from parks to city centres, the Wildflowers’ colourful presence and varied soundtrack draws audiences to share their experience. An experience described by one audience member as ‘a very welcome burst of colour and wonder on an otherwise gloomy day’.

Wildflower was co-commissioned in Spring 2021 by Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) and Hartlepool Waterfront festival.

Receiving additional support from Northern Pride, Blue Stone Collaborative, Well Newcastle Gateshead, Northern Stage, ARC