Participation has been an integral part of Spare Parts Festival since it first started; involving the people who live near to where the festivals take place in the arts is a key part of what we do.

Our hope is to inspire and engage local schoolchildren, individuals of all ages, families, lifestyle, youth and community groups to take part in a wide range of participative opportunities. We try to link up local and visiting professional artists with groups in the lead up to the festival and give them some ideas for how they might create their own take on the theme each year. 

Part of our aim is to work with those communities who have least access to arts on a regular basis, however we also work with a whole spectrum of people each year who are keen to connect with new arts experiences.

That might be that a group of school-leavers thinking about how to make a fleet of mobility scooters “Take Flight” or some nursery staff dressing their baby-buggies for a journey to outer space, the general public being invited to make a handprint scale or two for a giant mermaid tail or a group of children helping to turn a bike into a giant litter-picking octopus! All are welcome in the great Spare Parts parades! 

We also appreciate that many groups don’t need our support and just enjoy the chance to show off what they’re doing anyway every day in their own communities and so we invite local scouting/cadet groups, dance troops and theatre companies to share their creativity in the parade too – so long as there’s some connection between arts and transport – anything goes!

If you would like to get more involved in our Spare Participation programme at any of our locations then please do connect with us on