Festival Partners

SpareParts as a project, was born of partnership working; it is part of our DNA.

We exist through collaborations with host festivals and organisations, keen to incorporate an arts programme into their events.

Our current festival partners include voluntary committees who organise transport and heritage festivals, Local Authorities and Town Councils.

Our current festival partners are:

Sandbach Transport Festival Committee (with support from Cheshire East)

Established in 1990, Sandbach Transport Festival is an important volunteer-led festival that each year attracts a loyal audience. The wider theme of transport is underpinned by strong links to local heritage and business.


Arts & Culture Team at Oldham Council

Accelerate is a 1-day outdoor transport festival launched in 2019, in partnership with Oldham Council, the Tame Valley vintage and Classic Car Club, Museum of Transport Greater Manchester, Gallery Oldham and SpareParts.

Rochdale Borough Council

In 2020 Rochdale we partnered with Rochdale Council to collaborate with them on their very first Feel Good Festival; a 1-day family focused festival celebrating well-bring, community spirit and cohesion.

Crewe Town Council (with support from Cheshire East)

trAction Crewe is a 1-day festival where science, transport and arts collide. Launched in 2016, this family focused event by Crewe Town Council brings arts, science, industry, motion and engineering together to capture the imaginations of children and the young at heart alike.  www.crewetowncouncil.gov.uk/

Fleetwood Festival of Transport Committee

Tram Sunday organised by Fleetwood Festival of Transport, is the UK’s largest FREE family vintage transport and arts event. Tram Sunday first took place in 1985 a part of the celebrations for the anniversary of Blackpool trams. Its popularity has increased through the years and is the biggest event in Fleetwood’s calendar each year, attracting crowds of 50-60k people. www.visitfleetwood.info/recreation-entertainment/



Sandbach Saturday, 17 April 2021 7.30pm
Fleetwood Friday 16 July to Sunday 18 July 24hrs
Oldham Saturday 24 July
Crewe Saturday 21 August and Sunday 22 August
Rochdale tbc