Sandbach 2021

Song for Sandbach

Our Song-for-Sandbach is released!

Sleep Now, written and composed by Leo & Hyde is live!

The song which has been commissioned by our partners Minerva Arts in collaboration with the Spareparts team features local residents of Cheshire and has been a way, during lockdown restrictions, to connect with communities digitally and bring creative opportunities into people’s homes.

The result is just beautiful! To hear, see and connect with communities in this way has been a key part of our work during 2021. Managing outdoor arts festivals, during covid-19, has been challenging but equally enabled us to think creatively about how we can reach people remotely and make a real connection with their towns, stories, lives and give it a platform for celebration.

Now for you to enjoy the song, illustrations and before you know it you will be singing along to our lullaby, Sleep Now.



Sandbach Saturday, 17 April 2021 7.30pm
Fleetwood Friday 16 July to Sunday 18 July 24hrs
Oldham Saturday 24 July
Crewe Saturday 21 August and Sunday 22 August
Rochdale tbc