Sid Hill Transport

Tram Sunday 2022

Let’s give a massive  Mega Monster Truck welcome to Fleetwood’s iconic cargo and freight company  Sid hill transport who will be bringing the vrooooom factor to Fleetwood Festival of Transport Tram Sunday with their massive top of the range MEGA TRUCKS!

It’s a veritable vehicle fest with when the legendary Sid Hill rocks and rumbles into town !

Local Businessman Sid Hill is delighted to be back and taking part in Tram Sunday:

“I always used to go to Tram Sunday as a kid and now to have my own fleet showcase there is quite a big thing !

I am thrilled to bring out the massive transporters & mega trucks for all the families and kids to come along and enjoy!

It’s going to be a fantastic return for everyone as we have missed this event and really need something good like this for Fleetwood this summer!

So come over and say hello and have a go in our super trucks !

We’ve got lots of vroooom for everyone !”

Sid will be displaying his companies awesome monster trucks 🛻 including the epic:

Scania Volvo
V8’s Scania
Volvo FH range

Welcome Sid and mega trucks – we have missed you too 

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