SpareParts at Home

We might not be on the road this summer but that doesn’t stop you getting involved from home. Our friends at Minerva Arts have come up with some easy ways to get creative – have a go and share with us – we will repost and include them in our website gallery. 

New for Crewe 2020 - Build a Rocket Car

Created by Gizmobots in association with Minerva Arts especially for SpareParts at Crewe 2020. 

Build and decorate your own rocket car from household recycling and craft items you’ll have at home. 

Share your creations with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Suitable for everyone – young and old.

Celebrating Transport and Journeys

What modes of transport do you and your family normally take? The bus to work, car to school, train to grandparents? How have your journeys changed during lockdown? Have you used any new modes of transport? Have you learned to ride your bike?

Draw, photograph or write about the modes of transport that you have used. Share these with us online on Facebook and Twitter and we will create a digital collage on our website. 

‘Imaginary Machines’

Where in the universe would you go if you could? We challenge you to design and build the special vehicle that you would need to take you to your destination. Take a photo and share with us on Facebook and Twitter

Recycled pathways

Find some materials around your house that have come to the end of their use i.e. toilet roll, cardboard box, crisp packet. Create a path using those items that takes you from one place to another. Take a photo and share with us on Facebook and Twitter

Mechanical Creatures and Materials

Find as many different materials around your house as you can i.e. fabric, wood, paper, card, plastic. Can you make a creature out of just one of those materials? How does it move? How strong is it? Now try and make one out of a few of the different materials- does this look and feel better? Can you move like a mechanical creature? How does a machine move? What music would your creature enjoy? Take a photo and share with us on Facebook and Twitter

Design a Parade Vehicle for Accelerate Oldham 2021

Accelerate Oldham are also asking you to design your own parade vehicle or contraption for next year’s parade – you could even see it brought to life! Find out more HERE