Young Visual Artists Crewe

Young Visual Artists Programme – SpareParts Crewe 21

Are you aged 15-18 and considering an arts career?

Do you have a passion for drawing & illustration?

Would you like to exhibit your work at a 2-day outdoor arts trail in Crewe?

Join our FREE online Young Visual Artists Programme as part of Crewe SpareParts Festival 2021, to develop your drawing & illustrative skills with support and guidance from professional Illustrator and Lead Artist Paul Pickford.

Paul will help you to create your own Illustrative artworks in response to artist Elly Oldman’s ‘The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing’ which we have commissioned for the festival this year.

Your finished work will be exhibited at a 2-day outdoor arts trail alongside Elly’s in Crewe Town Centre on 21st & 22nd August as part of Crewe SpareParts Festival 2021.

All sessions will take place online over Zoom. No experience necessary – just a passion for drawing and illustration!


Dates & Times:

Session 1 – Tuesday 20th July 7pm-9pm

Session 2 – Tuesday 27th July 7pm-9pm

Session 3 – Tuesday 3rd August 7pm-9pm


Programme Timeline:

Week 1 –Introduction to the programme, Introduction to artist Elly Oldman’s artwork, techniques, and background. Explore messages & themes for responsive pieces.

(Participants make decisions on creations)

Week 2–  Paul demonstrates effective techniques to use and provides one-to-one’s with participants to offer support with development of artwork.

(Participants work on their pieces)

Week 3 – Finishing off the work, reviewing progress made through the project and celebrating the groups achievements.

Deadline for finished artwork: Friday 6th August

More about the artist – Elly Oldman

Elly Oldman is a young, self-taught illustrator from Rennes, who made a name for herself on social media in 2017 with her project @theinfinitedrawing​. She is in committed to several solidarity and civic actions, and discovered her passion for drawing while convalescing. Aware that this creative momentum contributed to her recovery, she has been drawing each day ever since, feeding her drawings with her aspirations and what inspires her every day. She is a prolific and colourful person, sharing these drawings, her moods and trade secrets on social media with no filters. This enables her to maintain a close relationship with her community of followers, who return the favour!

See her work on her different Instagram accounts​@ellyoldman and @theinfinitedrawing as well as on her website ​​ and her Facebook page ​@ellyoldman


Deadline to Apply: Monday 19th July at 5pm

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